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A World Without Technology?

Is it possible to imagine the world today without technology? Would you be able to spend one day without your mobile phone, smartphone, laptop or computer? What about the internet? Would you be able to live without the internet? The most likely answer to all of the above questions is definitely not! Technology has become an integrated part of our daily lives. We depend on technology simply because technology has given us the power to support our rapidly growing needs. 

Here are a few examples of how technology is fully integrated into our everyday lives.


In the workplace, technology is not only about the computers that we see in every office. It is much more than that. It is about the VoIP that is installed to make communication easier. It is about the Network printers that are installed that makes printing so much easier. For fields such as the construction fields, it is about the bulldozers and other heavy equipment that are needed to build large buildings and skyscrapers. 


Can you imagine having to walk to work every morning? Technology helps us to travel long distances in a short amount of time. And what about the places that we cannot travel to by foot? That is where the airplanes come in.  

Communication and Entertainment

It can safely be said that communication is one of the areas of our daily lives that has been impacted the most by technology. We can now communicate with our family and friends no matter where they are located in the world. We can now do business with companies located in other continents. Television, radios, computer games, and everything that we can do with the internet are all ways in which technology has provided us with fun ways of relaxing and being entertained. 


Think about common household chores which seem so simple to us such as doing laundry with the washing machine and storing food in the refrigerator! Think of how difficult they would have been without modern technology. 


Millions of lives are being saved on a daily basis based on the impact of technology in the medical field. Diseases are easier detected. People are living longer with artificial components taking the place of organs.

How can we help?

Technology is truly a gift which we must cherish and use well. It makes our lives easier and allows us to get things done faster. However, in order to properly utilize technology, we must be aware of them. We must know how they work. We must know which technology is better than others. We must know which technology is most used than others or which technology is simpler and more effective. That is where we come in. 

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