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Bringing your catalogue products to life with photography

How to Create an Attractive e-Commerce Portal to Sell Your Products

The eCommerce market has grown by a considerably high rate in last decade. The horizon of ecommerce is not limited anymore. Nearly anything can be acquired in a matter of few clicks. From important items like electronics, home appliances, furniture, clothes books to even daily essentials like fruits & vegetables, groceries etc. Startups have been dropping in to the eCommerce world and bringing to life various ideas.

The very first thing which attracts you when you log on to an ecommerce portal like Amazon and search for a product is ought to be the product images. Products with better product images and more than one image for the product have much higher chances of selling as compared to products having no images or images not good enough to attract the buyers. This is the power of presentation which ecommerce market has understood. Hence, utmost care is taken and time is devoted on product photography, shoot and post production editing!

The Process to get Perfect Product Images

There are three main steps involved in getting the perfect product images. These are:

 Product Photoshoot

 Photoshoot is the first step towards getting photos for online stores. Professional photographers are hired for this purpose who clicked using DSLR cameras. Several photos of the same product are clicked under perfect lighting conditions.


 Image Selection

 As several images of the same product are clicked, it is time to handpick the best one to go in to the next step. The best one is selected based on the angle, quality and lightning condition.


 Post Production

 Post production deals with the editing of the images including enhancing the contrast, brightness etc. It also includes cropping backgrounds to get uniform backgrounds throughout the website. Products come up better on white background and look far more appealing as compared to being shown up on a colored background. The last step is all about bringing objects to life.

The Role Technology Plays in this Process

The features of ecommerce websites have also upgraded in technology which leads to the demand of better quality images. Features like zooming in the picture to have a real life glance of the product material and quality is what makes HD photos a must. This is specially recommended in case of apparels and footwear whereby having a close look at product material gives the customers an idea of the product quality. Better the product quality and presentation, more the sales.

Moreover, the competition in the ecommerce market is throat slitting too! This makes it essential for brand portals to stand out in the competition and that can only be achieved by building a quality, promising website. The customers should build trust in the brand and it reliability as soon as he loads up the website. A poorly coded website with bad quality images is a big led down. It will kill the very spirit of shopping online as well as the sales will fall!

Selling Your Products on Instagram

Instagram is not just an image sharing platform anymore. It has grown diverse with comments, likes, shares and even inbox messaging getting in to the play. Brands have understood the importance of this platform and try their best to connect with potential customers and offer their products and services to them via IG. Instagram is changing and isn’t just only about fame-seeking models. There is surely more to it!

Instagram best support images in the ratio of 1:1 or we can say perfect squares. So the same image going on to your website may not be fully compatible with IG and needs further editing and cropping to make out a perfect square out of it. Square images on instagram come up far better than any other. They have more appeal and the chances of user to scroll through the feed without noticing them are lesser if they are in perfect dimensions.

Brands have been targeting users on IG by offering their products. These products are majorly apparels and footwear but also include fitness supplements, mobile applications and even services like web design, law firms, fitness coaching etc. If you haven’t utilized or made the best of instagram yet then it is high time to rethink your marketing strategy and start making use of the same.

If you haven’t been emphasizing on clicking better pictures for your online store or instagram page yet, then that might be on big reason for registering lesser sales. Spend a little on quality product photo shoot and image editing services and it will surely pay off in form of better sale graphs, brand value and returning customers!