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I run a small IT firm so for me, being aware of the latest technological developments is very important. That is why I enjoy being a member of Orbimatic Tech! Their reviews help me to give better advice to my clients.tr

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I like the fact that the latest technology releases are reviewed on this webiste. This helps me to make better purchases. I am also happy that I can share my experience with the latest technological releases as well.

Digital Product Development Companies

Why going digital?

The benefits of the new technologies are one of the few things most economists, managers and entrepreneurs agree on. Capitalizing and using the latest developments in any area for your business has always been common practice among successful industries and entrepreneurships, but the one area in particular which catches everyone's eye this days is of course the world of digital technology.

It has reshaped the world in a matter of years, and by doing so it has also modified the battlefield that is the market. Consumer's lifestyle change, their expectations and needs evolve, and new tools are available to please them. We can hardly succeed in this new world with old technology, but also we must never forget that what needs to change is the model of thinking production and economy. The reach of these modifications is far beyond doing things faster or cheaper, it's a whole change of paradigma, and companies must follow these changes and adapt their products and their internal structures, otherwise the competition will do it and they will be left behind. With an increasing number of firms and entrepreneurships going out to the market, with their fresh ideas and models, the game is becoming harder for everyone. So you must be on the first line. Read More...

Bringing your catalogue products to life with photography

How to Create an Attractive e-Commerce Portal to Sell Your Products

The eCommerce market has grown by a considerably high rate in last decade. The horizon of ecommerce is not limited anymore. Nearly anything can be acquired in a matter of few clicks. From important items like electronics, home appliances, furniture, clothes books to even daily essentials like fruits & vegetables, groceries etc. Startups have been dropping in to the eCommerce world and bringing to life various ideas.

The very first thing which attracts you when you log on to an ecommerce portal like Amazon and search for a product is ought to be the product images. Products with better product images and more than one image for the product have much higher chances of selling as compared to products having no images or images not good enough to attract the buyers. This is the power of presentation which ecommerce market has understood. Hence, utmost care is taken and time is devoted on product photography, shoot and post production editing! Read More...